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(=゚ω゚)ノ Hello everyone.
This is a DD11 update to the agdg space jam game I made, but since last time (DD10) I've added many features and redone the physics system.

There are new weapons, enemies, and additions to the health system. The new physics system should hopefully make everything clearer. I broke all the old levels so this time there is not much exploration, but many different encounters. I still have not gotten to addressing all the feedback from the last demo but I will do my best!

For new players there is less explanation of controls here than DD10 demo and the levels are different, but in this version the gameplay is much better I think.

PS: the helmet will return later

Arrows - move
Z - Shoot
X - Aim (for shooting up/down)
C - Slow movement but also strike a pose
A,S - Switch weapons

PROTIP: tap the aim button (X) to change aim direction and then hold shoot (Z) to hold it while moving.

Install instructions

1. Unzip the archive.

2. ???



JINZO DD11.zip 24 MB